Anti Aging News Review – What You HAVE NOT Been Told About Anti Aging News

People are always searching for an anti aging remedy or an anti aging secret. The information we are about to discuss may surprise you, while providing a whole new perspective on aging and nutrition.In order to achieve an anti aging lifestyle one must understand what causes aging, such as oxidation. It is common knowledge that free radicals cause oxidation in the body, which accelerates the aging process. To understand this process of oxidation, picture metal when it becomes oxidized – its rusts. Slice an apple and leave it out and it will turn brown from oxidation. Oxidation begins the process of destroying cell membranes and DNA of normal cells. It is essential for us to have the ability to remove the source from the body before it causes any damage. If we can find an effective method to block the oxidation of healthy tissue then we can attempt to slow down pre-mature aging and prevent disease. There is an anti aging mechanism not used or understood by the general public that is well worth consideration.This secret for anti aging may be found in the water (and the liquids) we consume daily. We are told to drink plenty of good purified water because it is healthy for us. And this is correct, but what we are not told may surprise you. Almost all beverages, including tap water, various bottled waters, soda, coffee, or sport drinks cause oxidation in the body.There are two types of water (or beverages) that we need to be concerned about. In very general terms, one has a negative measurement and the other a positive measurement when tested using an oxidative testing device. Where a negative measurement is found means the liquid has certain properties that protect the body from oxidation and aging, and where a positive measurement is found, means the liquid causes oxidation.As I stated above, almost all beverages have a positive measurement, which means we are consuming ‘accelerated aging factors’ every time we take a drink.To achieve anti aging benefits from what we drink, there are two very healthy liquids that have high negative measurements: fresh juices and ionized alkaline water. Ionized alkaline water is very popular in Asian countries, including Japan and Korea. To obtain ionized water one needs an Ionized Water unit. It takes tap water and divides it by electrolysis. In doing so, it produces alkaline negative measurement water.But that is not the only benefit. Ionized water, as we stated, has the benefits of being alkaline and reducing oxidation, but it also provides oxygen to the body and due to its molecular structure, it hydrates the body better than other waters and liquids. The fact that dehydration is such a big problem, this benefit of increased hydration has many benefits in and of itself. Though many concentrate on anti aging products, the type of water we consume has a major determining factor as to how fast or slow we age.You also should note that there are many ionized water units on the market to choose from. Unless one does proper research, one can end up purchasing a unit that does not meet their specific needs. There are many things to consider before deciding upon a particular unit. Price doesn’t always mean one is better than another. There are units that have two filtering systems, while others only one. The type of water source you have in your home must also be addressed. I don’t mean to make this sound complicated, because it’s really not. I too had to do my homework, but it paid off and we are very pleased with the unit we use.By taking your time and reviewing pertinent information, you will be much happier with your final choice. Since our bodies consist of a very high percentage of water, and water is needed for proper functioning throughout the body, to provide it with a healthy water can make a huge difference when consumed day after day, year after year.

Anti Aging Solutions For A Rejuvenated Appearance

Quite a majority of us don’t like what we see in the mirror when it comes to beauty. Things we disapprove of include body weight, hair loss, wrinkles, fine lines, spots and dryness. Most people want to look like stars and models as seen in media commercials. Looking young than your age is the secret to a youthful and confident look. This can only be achieved by your dedication and patience, as there are different effective ways of reversing your age. Some of these ways include a balanced nutrition, exercise, anti aging beauty products, staying away from the sun among many other methods. Antiaging beauty starts right from within you, the kind of food you eat can affect your outward appearance. The outcome may be positive or negative. You can make use of a variety of foods in the food pyramid to maintain good health. Some foods however need to be avoided, as they are the cause of many ailments that make your body dull and appear aged. You can age gracefully by lowering your calorie and cholesterol based foods. High sugar and salt is not either good. There are however some foods with anti aging properties which you can always include in your diet. Some of these foods include fresh fruits and vegetables. Bright colored fruits like mangoes and citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C for a healthy hydrated skin. Grapes and berries have antioxidants that reduce aging by preventing free radical damage. Vegetables like spinach and kales protect your skin pigmentation from ultraviolet rays. Drinking plenty of clean water and eating vegetables like garlic can flush out toxins that enhance aging. Whole grains should also for part of your anti aging diet. Poultry meat and fish are good sources of protein. Low fat milk and yogurt reduce blood cholesterol.Another anti aging solution is exercise. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also helps you lose excess calories that are unhealthy to you body. You can workout at home or at the gym. Simple exercises like facial exercises that involve chewing, smiling broadly and distorting your face in different directions at least five minutes twice per day will improve blood circulation, complexion and tone up your facial skin. Fine lines around the mouth will also be history since smiling builds up the muscles. Frowning contributes to the skin losing its suppleness. Cardiovascular exercises that involve walking, jogging and running burn down excess calories giving you a slim youthful figure. Yoga is also good for the soul.Anti aging skin products have flooded the market and come in many formulas for different skin types. Anti aging properties may be in the form of creams or lotions. These beauty products have healing properties that rejuvenate an aging skin or slow down the signs of aging. These products include those that can be used applied on hair, facial and body skin to make skin moist, smooth and supple. The wide array of these antiaging products should not confuse you, so it is always good to seek the help of a professional before trying them out on your skin. Other anti aging solutions include antiaging supplements that you can consume. These originate from natural sources and are effective since they are absorbed in the blood stream faster than food nutrients. You are however your best judge to choose the products you wish for your body finally note that the sun is harmful to any skin. Avoid it where you can and invest in products that reduce the effects of sunrays.For more anti aging and skincare informative articles, you are invited to visit my blog at

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Unbeatable Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi Fruit – Facts You Must Know

Produce Marketing Association performed a research very recently, which revealed that the nutritional characteristics of kiwi are quite different from most other fruits. As a matter of fact, there are many instances in which the this fruit’s nutritional value has preceded other fruits belonging to the same family or related products. Nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit have become unparallel to any other fruit.While the vitamin profile of kiwifruit always looked impressive, it also contains desirable fiber and natural sugar that provides energy to the body. It is loaded with the goodness of vitamin C, and surprisingly the vitamin C content is more than orange.According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are more than 20 quintessential nutrients contained in this fruit. This makes nutritional benefits of kiwi quite impressive. However, it has also been revealed that the nutritional makeup of this fruit makes it less of a fruit and more like a vegetable.The Kiwi FamilyKiwis belongs to the family of berries. Its nutritional presence is quite different from fruits like pears, citrus, apples and peaches. Berries usually have some amazing characteristics which gives them those added nutrients.Kiwi fruits have seeds and pulp; the nutrient content of seeds and pulp are different.The kiwi seed contains nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins and energy. The whole fruit contains the goodness of whole grains that supplies the body with a lot of fiber.Nutritional FactsNutritional benefits of kiwis can be defined with some facts that have been disclosed by studies. Because of the amazing nutritional benefits of this fruit, studies have been conducted at large to learn more about the potent benefits of this fruit and to use it to the optimum for health benefits.LuteinLutein is a magical phytochemical contained in kiwi fruit. In fact, kiwis contain adequate lutein to ensure that it affects the body efficiently to reduce the risks of heart diseases and some cancer types. It can also help in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts. Lutein has carotenoid functions. It is also an antioxidant. Kiwi fruits are the best and richest source of this essential ingredient available in the world.FiberNutritional benefits of kiwi fruit can be assessed by its fiber content. It contains rich fiber that prevents diabetes and heart diseases. Kiwis contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. While soluble fiber profile looks after the heart and blood glucose levels, insoluble profile ensures protection against some cancers, diverticulitis and constipation.CopperKiwi fruit is also rich in copper, which is essential for the growth and development of infants and children. It can promote brain development, bone strength and build stronger immunity. Copper also contributes to the formation of red blood cells.Potassium ProfileNutritional benefits of kiwi fruit reveal that kiwi fruit contains potassium (more than bananas). Potassium derived from vegetables and fruits are vital for the effective functions of the heart and for controlling the blood pressure levels. It also maintains fluid balance in the body.Nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit to the immune healthYellow or gold kiwi fruit is the best for enhancing immune responses. The fruit promotes antibody production in the body, which leads to a healthier immune heath.Nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit to heartKiwi fruit is known to work like Aspirin for the heart. Taking Aspirin a day to improve the health of the heart is a common thing. Now, kiwis can also be taken to reduce blood clotting, thinning of blood and lowering fat in bloodstream. Kiwi fruit has excellent blood pressure lowering properties and it keeps the cholesterol levels in control too.Additional InformationApart from all these nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit, kiwis also contain vitamin E, magnesium and folate. It does not contain cholesterol or saturated fat. Hence, it is the best thing you can have every day to keep you healthy and strong.

The Key to a Healthy Body Through Nutrition

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past 25 years of holistic practice is the significance and importance of balance in all arenas of health. The balancing of protocols is of optimum importance in maximizing our success and efficiency in treating the whole person.Most of us have heard about “balanced nutrition” all of our lives; if we eat sensibly from the different food groups listed in the food pyramid, we should experience the benefits of that discipline. But, as we all know, the food pyramid changes from time to time. What my parents’ generation thought of as a balanced meal would not meet the approval of at least half of today’s nutritionists.I now know the proper nutritional program that helps me perform optimally. However, I also know that as vital and imperative as a healthy nutritional program is, that it is only a component of wholeness. As alternative practitioners, we should aim to balance nutrition, along with other alternative adjunct modalities, to maximize optimal health. A properly balanced protocol of synergistic procedures addressing the whole person perspective will provided the most therapeutically empowering approach!In the 21st century, we are finding our patients to be more receptive to alternative forms of healthcare. In this affirmative environment, w hat will separate the general alternative practitioners from the most successful ones is the application of more effective and efficient protocols. These practitioners will be able to get the fastest, most effective, and cost efficient results!In our ambition to balance adjuncts, we must evaluate the weight of each component. Nutrition, for example, is largely a supportive therapy, and we must be careful to afford this highly effective modality the proper environment in which to perform optimally.As we increase our efforts in nutrition, without the balance of other protocols, we can sometimes end up over-prescribing and giving our patients more pills than they can swallow. Patient compliance and confidence can frequently fall off in the nutritional treatment program and referral potential.Nutrition must be applied in its most efficacious role for both the patient and the doctor. Chiropractic and h omeopathy offer a deeper -acting therapy to better address the roots of disease. While nutrition works primarily on a biochemical level, homeopathy works bioenergetically, to correct nerve interferences throughout the whole nervous system where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. I have found nutrition and herbs to be more supportive in their therapeutic effects, while chiropractic and homeopathy are more curative.When the energetic control systems of the body (like the nervous system) work properly, everything else we do–including balancing body chemistry with supplementation–works better. Every chemical within our body has a very specific charge to respond and do what it is told by the energetic control system. When the total control systems of our body function properly, the nutritional and herbal supplements will work much better. Conversely, when the control systems of our body are not working properly, nutritional supplements cannot achieve their maximized effect.Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works at the highest levels in the hierarchy of our health to maintain homeostasis. The marriage of chiropractic and homeopathy empowers the chiropractor to more successfully work with the whole nervous system to better fulfill the high call of chiropractic. Homeopathy allows additional therapies, like nutrition, the opportunity to maximize their potential and is essential to completing chiropractic destiny. Without it, chiropractic can never realize its full potential.Many sincere and searching chiropractors have turned to complex, time -consuming procedures to help the chronic majority in our society. These labor-intensive procedures are wonderful tools. However, these great tools can leave the doctor burned out and unable to significantly reach a sick and suffering society with the greatest good.So many of our patients are affected by some so-called incurable problem or recurring health issue irresolvable with nutrition, traditional medicine, or even chiropractic alone. They are open to and hungry for someone to come along with an answer to their impasse. Lack of wellness has been robbing people of their quality of life for too long, and they are seeking a doctor willing to step up to try to help them.Homeopathy assists us chiropractors in addressing the myriad of patient complaints more effectively and efficiently. In working with those who might have lost hope or been tempted to acquiesce to their condition, it particularly makes far more sense to use the faster acting, more streamlined procedures first and save the protracted, labor-intensive procedures for only when they are needed. Prioritization of these procedures empowers the chiropractor to be of the greatest value to society.Through its proving, the over 200 year-old science of homeopathy offers chiropractic the detailed compilation of neuro-sensory reflex responses with the elements of our environment. Thus, homeopathy better equip s us to attend to the whole nervous system. Homeopathy is potentized with serial dilutions and successions beyond the molecular level affecting correction at the higher levels of our bioenergetic controls. In short, we beneficially influence not just the chemical realm, but the whole person with homeopathy.Together, homeopathy and chiropractic empower the chiropractor to better balance the whole nervous system. With the application of both of these modalities to clear nerve interferences throughout our entire control system, everything we do to enhance our patients’ health works better: application of nutrition, herbs, diet, exercise, etc. We will commonly even see improvement in the ability to think and believe more positively.It is common to observe the correction of recurring subluxation patterns using homeopathy indicating its deeper, curative effect(s). In fact, homeopathy works so deeply, even inherited health problems and weaknesses can be corrected. Homeopathic miasm remedies are available that have been clinically proven to correct inherited weaknesses in individuals today that have been passed down through thousands of years in their family tree.With homeopathy as our primary adjunct to chiropractic, we have more efficiently been able to help more people faster with fewer visits and less money spent. Subsequently, this approach has led to greater patient satisfaction, which generates a higher number of referrals and committed, lifetime patients. The more competently and effectively we can help people, the more successful and fulfilled we will become as practitioners.Our society is plagued with chronic, recurring health problems. The doctor, who is able to help the majority of these people in less time and less financial outlay, has all the ingredients for a super successful practice. Nutrition and herbs are great therapies; they are essential to a wellness practice. However, using chiropractic and homeopathy as our primary tools, our natural programs are no longer limited to the biochemical realm, and we are better equipped to correct problems at the highest levels in the hierarchy of health. Instead, we can now treat the whole person, both biochemically and bioenergetically, eliminating the need to force results by over-treating patients within the limitations of one or two modalities excessively or exclusively. By treating the whole person, we will become more efficient and proficient practitioners. This is what spells success in a fast-growing and competitive natural healthcare market.In my experience of 25 years as a holistic-style practitioner, I credit homeopathy and chiropractic first and foremost for the most effective resolution of so many health problems. Whether you just want to improve your effectiveness as a musculoskeletal practitioner, or move more successfully into a full-fledged eclectic style practice, homeopathy holds an essential power position for the chiropractor wanting to maximize results!Enjoy the journey!

With a Fashion Designer Education You Might Be the Next Calvin Klein

In order to get a good job in the fashion design industry you will have to have either a two year degree or a four year degree. A degree in this field is what the employers are looking for.If you are thinking about running your own business at some point then you should think about combining your fashion designer education. Your focus will be in fashion design since that is what you want to do. Then you could have a degree in marketing or even business. If you did home economics in high school then you will already know how to sew and the basics. Some of the classes that you will need to take in college are going to be sewing and tailoring, how to make different patterns, textiles, using the different colors and what to look for, designs made on computers, the more you know about fashion history the better off you will be, and designing different types of clothing. You will need mathematics so you will understand how to measure and work the different formulas into your design. Human anatomy will also be another good one so you can understand about the body and people. You want your creation to look good on every size of person that wears it.In order to get into one of the 300 postsecondary institutions approved by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design you will have to prove yourself to them. You will have to have the basics of art and design courses under your belt. Then you are going to have to show how creative you are by submitting some of your sketches to them.As you are getting a fashion designer education you will have to do an internship. When doing your internship it will give you the opportunity to work with people that are already good in the industry. The will be able to give you tips and guidelines so you can shine at the profession you are entering into.Another good thing about doing an internship is if you are good and your manager likes your designs they could put in a good word for you. They are able to talk with other stores and spread the word about your work. You may even find your manager wants to help you enter into amateur contests in order for you to show your designs off. This is a very good way for the word to get out about the aspiring fashion designer that you are.You are going to need a keen eye is this field of work. You will have to know how to match colors and which ones look good together. Details are very important for you to watch whether it is the design its self, how things are sewn or the over all project. It is important that you know how to balance out your design so one portion does not over take another portion. Be ready to communicate your thoughts and handle any problems that might arise.

The Difference Between a Dental Assistant and Hygienist

In a general sense, the majority of people find little distinction between a dental assistant and the dental hygienist. Simply looking at the difference in titles, it is easy to see that hygienist is a more specific term than the general reference of assistant. Where the dental assistant is responsible for more generalized duties within the private or group practice, or in specialized practices, such as oral surgery and orthodontics, the hygienist will actually perform procedures on patients with minimal supervision.Differences in DutiesWhile the dental assistant will perform four-handed dentistry, there are more office duties that require their attention, such as putting patients at ease in the office, scheduling appointments, recording the medical history of patients, educating patients on proper dental practices, billing, inventory, phones and other administrative functions.The dental hygienist spends much more time dealing directly with patients. They are performing procedures and reporting their findings to the supervising dentist. This direct work has a greater potential to involve legal ramifications, which is why the training is more demanding, regulation is much tighter, but then, the pay is about double that of an assistant.While the dental assistant is paid less, they typically receive benefits from the dentist employing them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 86 percent of dental assistants reported receiving benefits where only half of all dental hygienists were getting benefits.Differences in SchoolingAnother important distinction starts at the beginning with the educational requirements. Students interested in either position will need at least a high school diploma. The high school student interested in either career is wise to take the college preparatory courses, such as health, biology and chemistry.The dental assistant will be able to complete a minimal course averaging 12 months in order to obtain their certification. With over 250 accredited programs available, it is important to be assured that the course undertaken is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).The dental hygienist undergoes more schooling, at least a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which would allow for opportunities to advance to higher positions based on experience and educational requirements. This is the position most would pursue who have aspirations of progressively advancing.Differences in Licensing RequirementsDental hygienists are required to obtain a license in order to perform their duties. There are few formal requirements for a dental assistant to start working in the field. A license generally will not be required unless the duties involve performing dental x-rays. Otherwise, a state exam approved by the ADA Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations will result in certification upon successful completion. On-the-job training and further specific education will make the dental assistant position one from which advancement may also take place.

Importance of Social Media Management For Automotive Dealers

The need to monitor automotive dealers’ brand image online is increasingly imperative, as 75% of new vehicle buyers in 2008 used the Internet during their buying process. According to J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Internet Roundtable report, investment in high-quality digital and social media content is essential to change customer perceptions of a brand, as well to raise brand awareness and consideration levels. Social media is the latest and the fast growing marketing and communication tool online.Social media marketing improves automotive dealers’ online reputation through building close rapport with the existing as well as potential customers. The points below discuss why social media management is important for an automobile dealer’s online marketing strategy.Happening marketing toolIt is evident that social networking online has brought a drastic change in how we communicate online. Many of us have at least one user account in websites such as Twitter or Facebook. For this reason, many of the perceptive marketing companies are using social media to reach the customers in a ‘friendly’ tone and set an impression. As car buyers are more online savvy, automotive dealers have a great opportunity to spread out the word more easily.Builds reputationAuto dealers can improve their brand’s reputation by establishing their presence on social networking sites particularly by targeting the vehicle buyers. Creating profiles and fan pages often increases opportunities to interact with prospective buyers among the social media users. Car dealers can share promotional information such as photos, offers and service details with the existing consumers. Social media helps to spread this information among the people connected to those customers and increases the visibility and response.Two-way communicationSocial media is the communication platform that has interaction and information sharing as the fundamental theme. It lets consumers directly give their reviews and dealers in turn can communicate with the customers by responding on social networking sites. Feedback received helps in improving the service and performance. It is a win-win situation for both the consumers and car dealers. Dealers benefit from the existing customers spreading positive information with other prospective buyers voluntarily while consumers gain valuable information that may not be available otherwise.Pinpoint Target marketBusinesses can accurately target their potential customers with the help of their profiles on the social networking sites.This makes easier to sieve through the large masses and save the marketing and advertising expenses that they usually spend on the much wider segments in traditional advertising.Provides competitive edgeCar dealers can have a competitive advantage by maintaining a loyal customer base with the help of social networking media. There is a good marketing opportunity to car dealers with social media, which allows them to promote their services, cars and other related content on social networking platforms. It makes the dealer more accessible to its customers, which differentiates the dealer from the competitors.Social media marketing strategies are becoming popular among many businesses and auto dealers are no exception. It has become an essential marketing tool to amplify your online presence and to improve business.

Overview of the Major Comp Programs

Before we dive into the intricacies of blackjack and poker comps, I thought it might be a good idea to take a quick crash course on comp programs.

Thanks to the corporate conglomeration that has dominated the casino industry in recent years, most gamblers have two major comp programs to choose from – M Life and Total Rewards.

The M Life program is operated by MGM Resorts International, while Total Rewards is a product of Caesars Entertainment.

If you enjoy visiting sunny Las Vegas for a stroll along the Strip, chances are good you’ll wind up in a casino owned by one of these behemoths. And I’m not talking about the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace flagship properties, as the two companies own dozens of casinos between them.

Check out the list below for a full accounting of MGM-owned properties on the Strip where the M Life card is used to track and distribute comps:

ARIA Las Vegas
Bellagio Las Vegas
Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Luxor Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
MGM Grand Las Vegas
The Mirage Las Vegas
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
New York New York Hotel and Casino
And below, you’ll find the Caesars-owned casinos on the Strip where the Total Rewards card is accepted:

Bally’s Las Vegas
Caesars Palace
The Cromwell Las Vegas
Flamingo Las Vegas
Harrah’s Las Vegas
The LINQ Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino
Expanding the scope outside of Sin City, these are the MGM-brand casinos worldwide where M Life membership is accepted:

Beau Rivage – (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Borgata – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
The Water Club – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
Gold Strike Casino Resort – (Tunica Resorts, Mississippi)
Grand Victoria – (Elgin, Illinois)
MGM Grand Detroit – (Detroit, Michigan)
MGM National Harbor – (National Harbor, Maryland)
MGM Springfield – (Springfield, Massachusetts)
MGM Grand Sanya – (Sanya, Hainan, China)
MGM Macau – (Macau, China)
Bellagio Shanghai – (Shanghai, China)
And finally, take a look below for the full list of Caesars-owned casinos worldwide where Total Rewards membership is accepted:

Bally’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Windsor – (Windsor, Ontario, CA)
Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino – (Phoenix, AZ)
Harrah’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Harrah’s Cherokee – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Harrah’s Gulf Coast – (Biloxi, MS)
Harrah’s Joliet – (Joliet, IL)
Harrah’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Harrah’s Laughlin – (Laughlin, NV)
Harrah’s Louisiana Downs – (Bossier City, LA)
Harrah’s Metropolis – (Metropolis, IL)
Harrah’s New Orleans – (New Orleans, LA)
Harrah’s North Kansas City – (North Kansas City, MO)
Harrah’s Philadelphia – (Philadelphia, PA)
Harrah’s Reno – (Reno, NV)
Harrah’s Resort Southern California – (Valley Center, CA)
Harvey’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Horseshoe Casino Baltimore – (Baltimore, MD)
Horseshoe Bossier City – (Bossier City, LA)
Horseshoe Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Horseshoe Hammond – (Hammond, IN)
Horseshoe Casino Tunica – (Tunica, MS)
Horseshoe Southern Indiana – (Elizabeth, IN)
Tunica Roadhouse – (Tunica, MS)
Along with these titans of the gambling industry, you’ll also come across a few smaller casino chains like Boyd Gaming or Stations. And of course, the over 400 tribal casinos operated on reservation land nationwide have their own in-house players club cards.

These smaller casinos tend to model their comp system after the big boys, however, so I’ll stick with M Life and Total Rewards going forward for the sake of clarity.

For both of these programs, you’ll also have two main forms of comp credits to work with – base points and tier points.

A base point equates to $0.01, so you’ll need to score 100 of them to add $1 to your comp account. Base points effectively serve as cash in an affiliated casino, so you can use your accumulated points to purchase that morning latte or some headphones from the gift shop.

A tier point doesn’t have cash value per se, but these points are how you climb through the ranks of either M Life or Total Rewards. You can visit the overview pages for each program that I linked to above to learn about the various tiers used in each. But put simply, accumulating tier points grants you access to a higher tier in the program, which in turn unlocks additional perks. Think priority access at the cashier’s cage line, free valet and parking, tickets to the in-house show, and even free rooms.

Now that you know who is handling your comps and where the players club cards in your wallet are accepted, let’s see exactly how they work for both blackjack and poker.